What (and why) is C2PK?

Does the internet need yet another page with another person writing about more stuff shortened to yet another acronym? The answer is debatable, but nonetheless, C2PK is here.

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The concept is simple: CLEAR, CALM, PATIENT & KIND. I obviously can’t take credit for the meaning of each word any more than I can for thewords themselves. Each (or at least the concept) has been around for eons. Just in case, though, we’ll first take a look at each one.

Source: Oxford Dictionary

They’re simple enough words, but as most reasonable people will concede, they are – as concepts – much less simple to achieve and sustain. It shouldn’t be so hard, though. It’s not that one has to look far to find others who believe in the ideas. In fact, aside from cartoon villains, it is probably difficult for anyone to point out even one person they know who refutes their benefit to a peaceful society.

With such being the case, why does it seem increasingly difficult to see their derivatives – clarity, calmness, patience and kindness – in action? I believe at least one answer lies in the disjointed way in which we, as a society, are living. In 1922, the idea of an existence beyond the physical was a subject limited to religion and philosophy. In 2022, it is also a technical subject in the context of computers and the internet. While there is no doubt that the internet has many benefits, the one increasingly apparent downside is that digital interconnectedness may actually be making people feel more disconnected from the world around them.

How is this possible, and what can we do to remedy the situation? That is the purpose of C2PK and the posts to follow in the future. As such, you’re invited to be part of a clearer, calmer, more patient, and kinder future. I hope you’ll join. The physical and digital world will be a better place if you do.