In the 20th century, the concept of wellness for the better care of oneself was born and became increasingly recognized as a critical element in living in a generally happy and fulfilled manner. With the proliferation of the internet during the century’s last decade and a half, a shift began toward having both a Physical Life and Digital Life emerged.

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In the first two decades of the 21st century, the pace of technological evolution has only increased, and with it, so has many peoples’ dependency on the internet as a place in which they spend a significant part of their lives. As with any place – be it physical or virtual – the quality of it depends in part upon the people who surround us.

That’s what C2PK is about. Maximizing positivity is an intentional act that depends upon one being Clear, Calm, Patient and Kind.  They’re more than words, and they apply to both physical and digital life. They form a mantra that when practiced can be contagious in the most positive sense of the word. A healthy balance between the physical and virtual world is possible, and C2PK is where it starts. Some posts are about the physical. Some are about the digital. All of them are about life.

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