Stoiclandia: La tierra de todo y nadie

The inconsequential is not such when afforded consequence Driven by Trepidation and Irrationality, two complicitly malignant drivers Symbiotically hurtling along unpaved and unmarked highways searching out a nirvana of disfunctionality Their destination everywhere but nowhere in particular, with passing scenery littered with misunderstanding And in the distance rises a roadblock […]

It’s about Ya’ll

Having moved to the southeast United States some years ago, I had to become accustomed to the typical, cultural differences. One of the easier ones is the prolific use of the “Ya’ll” in the regional dialect. I’ve always just said “You all”, but in the southeast, “Ya’ll” is a verbless […]

On Humanity and Just Existence

Politics divide us. Religious ideology isolates us. War kills us. Existence, though, unites us, and therein, very quietly and often ignored, lies hope. Yes, this is about Israelis and Palestinians…and the conflict that has existed between them for my entire adult life. If you militantly lean one way or the […]

Forgiving vs. Forgetting

Forgiveness is a virtue. It’s a virtue because it signifies that something negative happened that warrants it being given. It shows you have the mental and emotional capacity to forgive the offending person. Taking it a step further, not holding something against someone (whether forgiveness was yours to give or […]

Angles Should be Left to Geometry

I understand many things. Angles aren’t among them. When I say angles in the current context, I’m not referring to geometry where angles make sense and can be definitively measured and used to calculate finite outcomes. I’m talking about the angles some people seem intent upon identifying and leveraging to […]

Sharing Stuff

Sharing is caring. We’ve all heard it, and it’s true as long as we’re not talking about contagious illnesses. This post is short and sweet. I want to share the beC2PK idea with you, in hopes you too will strive to be Clear, Calm, Patient, and Kind. To do this, […]